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Location on the Web 2008

  • Posted by AngelaPiccini on 29 January 2008
  • ¬†April 22nd, 2008: Beijing, China (in conjunction with the 2008 WWW conference)

    The World Wide Web has become the world’s largest networked information resource, but references to geographical locations remain unstructured and typically implicit in nature. This lack of explicit spatial knowledge within the Web makes it difficult to service user needs for location-specific information. At present, we are faced with discovering spatial knowledge that is hidden in many small information fragments such as addresses on Web pages, GPS coordinates embedded in photos, geographic map sites, and geo-tags in user-generated content.

    Several emerging formats that primarily or secondarily include location metadata, like GeoRSS, KML, and Microformats, aim to improve this state of affairs, but the question remains how to extract, index, mine, find, view, mashup, and exploit Web content using its location semantics. This workshop brings together researchers from academia and industry labs to discuss and present the latest results and trends in all facets of the relationships between physical locations and Web information.

    Please see the LocWeb2008 website for more details:

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