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ICTs in the Creative and Performing Arts

  • Posted by AngelaPiccini on 27 October 2008
  • This AHRC-funded workshop event brought together practitioner-researchers from across the UK to present work in progress and to discuss the future needs of the arts now that the AHDS is no longer supporting our work.

    I saw terrific presentations by Sarah Whatley (Coventry) on her project digitising the archives of celebrated choreographer Siobhan Davies; by Gregory Sporton (City University Birmingham) on his Visualisation Research Unit‘s efforts to create contexts in which to produce high-end, blue-skies creative-technical research; by Bonnie Hewson, an AHRC collaborative doctoral candidate investigating the values, purposes, public perceptions and uses of Performing Arts Archives in Britain with a view to improving access.

    It was a terrific gathering of the great and the good, including David Robey (head of AHRC’s ICT and e-Science schemes) and a good many of the e-Science gang. I was pleased that the current state of STARS really piqued their interests. Martyn Horner, who used to be on the rdf group at W3C and is now at Glasgow School of Art was particularly impressed with our work on realising the potential of semantic tools.

    in terms of user engagement, I will add all participants to our online group for next Spring’s usability activities. in discussion they confirmed the desireability of:

    1) federated login: shibboleth-like system in order to link stars with other online resources;
    2) they all liked the combination of the rigour of rdf ontologies with the flexibility of user-generated annotations;
    3) they want interfaces to other devices and services;
    4) in order that the video data can be re-used in creative practice, we need to make sure that users can somehow output those multiple video streams with their uris. the division of the screen between player and text is good, but they wanted to know what happens when a user racks up multiple uris of, for eg, pan left sequences of a minute each. i’d want to be able to edit those together into a new work (this is where our creative commons plans came in!)

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