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Semantic Web and Locative Media

  • Posted by AngelaPiccini on 29 January 2008
  • Hi, I’m Angela Piccini, an RCUK Fellow in Drama. I have worked with ILRT to develop the PARIP Explorer tool and we’re now working together with Watershed Media Centre to develop this as a tool for moving image content.

    I recently gave a paper at a study day looking at the cataloguing of the Beerbohm-Tree archive. They were a hugely important theatre-making family in Britain in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Much of their archive is held at University of Bristol’s Theatre Collection: I was interested in the thousands of letters that Lady Tree received from people like Churchill, Burne-Jones, Beardsley, Wilde, Alma-Tadema – basically every big cultural mover and shaker in Europe. And each letter has a return address. I’m suggesting that the work that ILRT is doing could provide a great model for organising these materials. I want to see the social networks of these people, arranged through time and space. Because I’m no developer, I had to demonstrate proof of concept through Google maps. There’s a ppt presentation attached to this that shows just how fascinating a set of data this is: bt_geo.ppt

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