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STARS gets positive feedback at Digital Performance Documentation Workshop

  • Posted by NikkiRogers on 25 September 2009
  • Dr Angela Piccini and Nikki Rogers presented STARS today for Day 3 of three-day series of events on the topics of creating, managing and delivering digital documentation of performance work.

    Angela Piccini presenting the STARS project

    Angela Piccini presenting the STARS project.

    This workshop series was hosted by JISC Digital Media and the University of Bristol Drama Department and today’s afternoon workshop gave participants a chance to work with the STARS visualisation and annotation tool hands-on. A nice video by Paul Clarke describes how STARS was used here. Multimedia and static content from earlier days in the series was uploaded to Internet Archive and Flickr and made available for annotation, tagging and cross-linking within the online STARS environment. Participants were extremely positive about the tool and are keen to go on using it in the coming weeks and beyond! We have left a special instance of the STARS website online, containing just this workshop’s data:

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