Development Roadmap

An overview of the features planned for upcoming releases:
0.8 release (March 2009)
Extension of annotation capabilities
Including user-created connections (in text and map views), ability to edit existing annotations, searchable annotations, and the fore-grounding of a user's own annotations.
Media timeline tracks
Users will be able to add named timeline tracks to audio and video timelines.
Map feature completion
Currently the map interface is still a prototype, with several known issues. This release will see it stable and feature complete. This will include the addition of coloured and annotated item connectors.
User interface overhaul
The current UI look and feel will be updated. Here's a screenshot of the work in progress:
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0.9 release (May 2009)
Question-based searching
Pro-forma question templates will allow the user to simply build complex queries. These will be accessible via 'who, where, what, when, how' links.
Multiple simultaneous media playback
Users will be able to simultaneously play more than one video or audio resource, allowing for comparative study and annotation.
Automatic shot-cut timelines
Video media will be automatically annotated with a timeline track containing shot-cut information.
Linked Data producer/consumer
Semantic Web-compliant Linked Data will be published and consumed, for example to support the integration of externally-held user profiles.
User work bench
User's will have a 'work bench' where they can collect, store, order and export resources. These resources could include user-created video excerpts.
Resources can be bookmarked and cited
Resource URLs will be such that they can be bookmarked (e.g. using social bookmarking sites) and used in citations.
1.0 release (July 2009)
TBC, but will include...
Tutorials, examples
Documented usage examples and video tutorials will be created to support the use of the software.

Known Issues

Quicktime version
The interactive player timeline requires Quicktime version 7.2.1 or above.
Map layout and connections
Items can jump around when refreshed or rearranged. Map can go off-screen. Not all connections appear.
Annotation searching.
Annotations (except for Tags) cannot be searched for.
Text and View synchronisation
The Text tab just takes you back to the home page at the moment.
IE support
IE support has not been optimised for as yet.
Timeline annotations overlap
Occasionally annotation bars on a media timeline can overlap.
Cannot edit user profile data
Much of the data on user profiles dates from the previous PARIP work and is out-of-date. Future versions of STARS will allow users to edit and update their profiles.
Annotation save button doesn't work
Some annotation types (e.g. 'Member of') are constrained to the values that appear on their drop-down list. Typing will reveal matching suggestions, but trying to save something not on the list will not work. This feature will be clarified in upcoming releases.
Too many map items
Selecting 'Show Connections' on some items in the map view can produce too may nodes. Depending on the client hardware, this may impact very badly upon performance.